Network Services

Numerex has a long history of innovating industrial strength network solutions. Our expertise is rooted in familiarity with critical network components and has been honed through a multitude of domestic and international partner relationships. Numerex operates one of the most reliable, secure and flexible networks in the machine-to-machine (M2M) environment. Our network solutions allow you to optimize cellular and satellite connectivity over a proprietary, carrier-grade, 24/7 network operating at ISO 27001–certified security levels.

With the Numerex Global Gateway to Secure M2M™service platform, you can monitor, measure and manage assets via a single user interface and proven network and application platforms that enable and power your solutions with global wireless network technologies. Numerex WorldPass™ delivers a secure global network – coverage in more than 180 countries – and seamless interoperability for your GPRS, SMS messaging and service delivery applications. Numerex offers a comprehensive suite of SMS services worldwide with secure delivery of SMS messages to your M2M devices, or alerts and notifications to your end-user’s cell phones.

Our core network platform, enabling devices, and secure wireless gateway offer the flexibility and speed to market to keep pace with your competition.

Numerex WorldPass™ service delivers global reach when roaming globally or within specific regions. Our international services, using a multi-carrier, single SIM for GSM communications, render global network boundaries transparent and affordable. We have taken the complexity out of IP networking and made it simple, with cost-effective data and messaging plans and best-of-breed network management.

We manage all aspects of network connectivity, including certifying devices across our global networks and customizing data requirements, so your world is vastly simplified. You specify your network requirements, and we will deliver the connection – anywhere, over any network.